Traditional Irish and Scottish folk music and original Celtic compositions

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About us

Quite simply, Isara are about energetic, beautiful celtic music (and kilts).
We play mainly traditional Irish and Scottish music - everything from rollicking drinking songs and sea shantys, fiery jigs and reels, to sweet airs and soft ballads.
One of the first things that people notice about us is our energy and and enthusiastic playing style - this springs from the simple fact that we really love playing
this music. The band formed in 2007 under the name "Jharys" - and changed the name to "Isara" in the spring of this year, to coincide with the start of
recording on our new album, which will hopefully be ready for release later this year. Although we are recording at present we are still
 primarily a live band and the best way of experiencing our music is to come to see one of our gigs or concerts

The band comprises of 3 talented musicians, Jari Sirniö, Jukka Vesalainen, and Rich Raja-aho -The first of our jovial crew, guitarist, singer and
whistle player Jari Sirniö, is a fine entertainer in his own right. He had been performing for many years as a troubadour before he found his love of
Irish music. He is an advocate of the traditional ornamental style of Irish singing kn own as Sean Nos

Jari is joined by violinist Jukka Vesalainen, who provides our music with both fire and finesse. He is a multi instrumentalist, and also a composer of quite
considerable talents - many of the pieces in our live set, as well as on the forthcoming album, have sprung from his pen.
Jukka isknown as the "quiet one" in the band - (mainly because we won't let him have a microphone)!

Underpinning and driving the whole thing are the energetic rhythms of English born drummer Rich Raja-aho. It has been said thet Rich was probably born holding
a bodhran in his arms (and sporting a full beard) though photographic evidence has yet to be found - whatever the truth in this rumour - it is certainly the case
 that he has been playing and singing Irish and Scottish music for many years! Rich also plays the harp, which occasionally makes an appearance in our gigs, and is
 learning to play the bagpipes (badly) which definitely will not be making an appearance in our gigs just yet!!!,

.Although we are based around the city of Tampere in Finland, we don't mind travelling, so whether your event is in Finland, Sweden,
China, Papua New Guinea, or wherever - just drop us a line and we'll see what can be done
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